A 270 pages coffee table book with amazing images of the underwater world created by the most renowned photographers. This limited edition book was released as part of "OceansExpo" an international photo exhibition that was inaugurated in Peru, part of the 20th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP20). Fragile was the presidential gift from the Peruvian Government to the participant presidents and delegation Officers.

This book has been titled “Fragile” in the realization that the term is ill related to the oceans, as these are usually perceived as vast, immense, and at first sight, indestructible. Powerful sharks, tunas, whales, giant squid, sperm whales, manta rays, and orcas are, contrary to what many may think, fragile, very fragile. They are part of an intricate web of life, to which us fragile humans also belong and to which we must add thousands of magnificent animals, beautiful corals, and fishes that are rapidly disappearing from this universe we call the ocean.

Help us continue protecting the oceans through our voice and images. By acquiring a copy of Fragile, you will be contributing with our future projects. 

If you want one or more copies of this limited edition book and support The Living Oceans non profit initiative please send us an e-mail to:  info@thelivingoceans.com
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