This exhibition has received the title Fragile knowing that it is a word little related to the oceans since they are generally perceived as vast, wide and, at first glance, indestructible. 
Powerful sharks, tuna, whales, giant squid, sperm whales, mantas and killer whales are, despite what many might think, fragile, very fragile and are part of an intricate filigree of life, to which fragile human beings already belong. which are added thousands of other magnificent animals, precious corals and fish that are rapidly disappearing from that universe to which we call the ocean. 
Fragile makes its appearance within the framework of an event of the highest relevance for our planet, the Twentieth Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP20) held in Peru. 
Through this conference, Fragile seeks to become a bearer of a message and a wake-up call that is reflected in images produced by photographers, explorers and scientists convinced that we still have time to change the course of things and man's relationship with the oceans. Of course there is still hope, but to be successful, everything must revolve around a common cause. 
Although it is difficult to accept, individual effort, or expressions of concern or great speeches are no longer enough. Action is needed, joint work between governments, companies and civil society. Deep reflection and realizing the extreme to which we are taking our planet must be added to concrete and renewed actions to make human life and coexistence with the oceans sustainable. 
This time there is no space to leave the commission to the next generations, we have the obligation to act and the opportunity to change the course of history.
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