Oceans Expo I has been able to gather six different visions, six particular techniques and perspectives of the submarine world and its inhabitants. The work of these photographers have been compiled with the single intention to present the wonderful world that hides within the different oceans from our planet.

The idea to capture in a selection of images, even a small part of the life that is hosted in the oceans and the importance that they have for the humanity, is a dream. Nevertheless, this exhibition could be a departure point, a small contribution to allow us to be closer to and to understand a little more about a great and much more effervescent world than ours.

Much of the information that is distributed through the media about the oceanic depths and its inhabitants is, lamentably, slanted and often totally unreal. Through the years the sensationalism has had primacy, showing the submarine world as dangerous, dark, plagued by wild animals that are on the lookout for human beings. In fact the ones that have been harmed are the sharks, moray eels, orcas, manta rays and, ironically, human beings   are the ones who have excluded themselves from one of the more enriching experiences they can have: to be able to look under the surface of the ocean and see a multicolor, captivating and decidedly magical universe. 

It is a paradox for humans to be so dependant of a world they know so little about. It seems that, for mankind, the oceans are an infinite source of resources. Of course, we can always speak of sustainable development as a solution for the oceans to become a permanent source or food for our society, nevertheless, this would never be a solution if we do not teach people to learn more about a habitat that makes up most of our planet. 

Convinced that the image captivates, involves and transmits, we have chosen for Oceans  Expo I idyllic images of the submarine world, images that, obtained with equipment and very sophisticated techniques, manage to bring the spectator closer to the real dimension of what, without a doubt, it is the main ecosystem of our planet. 

Oceans Expo I is the first effort of The Living Oceans, a non profit organization that aims to promote the care of the oceans and its inhabitants through photography. The Living Oceans looks to be a photographic crusade endorsed by the main creators of submarine images of the world. 

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