Images constitute an extraordinary vehicle, with a unique power capable of transcending any barrier. Above all, they are capable of educating, transporting us to unforeseen locations, generating impact and communicating without words or accompanying texts.
Throughout the last seventeen years, The Protectors, the name given by The Living Oceans to those who collaborate in our photographic crusade towards caring for the oceans, transport us with their incredible photographs and captivating stories through the blue cosmos that we call the ocean.
The Protectors' unique perspectives and viewpoints complement each other with the aim of generating consciousness and unveiling the spectacular biodiversity and beauty found under that thin blue line that we call surface. Making us at the same time, face their fragility  and the urgency with which we must take action to protect them.
To all those magnificent and generous underwater photographers: Thank you!! Thank your for your support to our mission and for your continuous effort to raise awareness about the importance and fragility of our oceans and its inhabitants!

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